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Driving fewer miles while on an insurance plan can mean serious savings for a car insurance coverage holder. Insurance companies are known to make such drivers their darlings. This is easy to understand; such drivers cost less to cover and make the most sense to insurance providers especially if they prescribe better insurance premiums. Many drivers however find qualifying for low mileage car insurance a problem because they do not have their facts right. When seeking to qualify for low mileage insurance, keep in mind that each insurance service provider has a specific yardstick. However, you should be safe if you keep to the simple points highlighted below.

Ensure You Get Qualification Specifics from Your Provider

The number of miles companies consider for low mileage car insurance vary from provider to provider. In most circumstances, insurance companies or service providers have three or more tiers on which they base mileage prices for the various car policies they give out. Usually, anything less than 10,000 miles per year is considered low mileage. Many companies, however, settle between half of that and 7,500 miles. Most vehicles that do such mileage fall under pleasure machines and not business cars. Drivers doing such distances, as well as those who have their cars parked most of the time and drive in the neighborhood of 100 miles every week, have a very easy time qualifying for low mileage insurance.

Insurance Companies Will Rarely Counter-Check Your Odometer Readings

Car insurance companies really do not care much if you exceed the estimated miles by a few hundred or thousand miles. Taking an extra vacation therefore does not necessarily mean you will forfeit your low mileage auto insurance even if you add 1,000 or 2,000 miles. Many companies use general ballparks meaning 8,500 or 9,000 falls comfortably within the 7,500-mile estimate. However, if you know you routinely drive almost double the estimated amounts you have declared, then you are better off confessing so you are not left without coverage after an accident.

Be Bright to Qualify for Low Mileage Car Insurance

You are on the right track if you observe all the above tricks. But you will need to do more to qualify for low-mileage discounts. Some of the common tricks that will pay big time in the end include carpooling and preferring mass transit when commuting to work. Combining trips so you do less driving and shopping closer to home can also bring about very impressive results. Weird as this may sound, having two cars can also reduce miles covered by any of the two vehicles. Granted, it will be expensive insuring both, but reduced miles on each car can amount to very substantial savings.

Getting low mileage car insurance is not very technical; but it has a lot to do with sticking within the prescribed and conventionally accepted mile limits. The benefits can range from minor to immense savings depending on the insurance service provider. In most instances though, the savings normally are substantial and as such are worth the effort.