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All drivers on the roads are classified as either high risk or low risk. High-risk drivers just by the gist of the name mean drivers who for one reason or another are risky to insure. The reasons can range from poor driving and lack of experience to bad credit history. High risk car insurance companies will definitely consider you a high-risk driver if you’ve had one or more car accidents to your name, been a recipient of several traffic citations or speeding tickets, or have poor credit history. You most likely will also qualify for high risk auto insurance if you’ve just gotten your driver’s license or you a history of convictions for either driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated. These facts however do not mean you are doomed to a life of stigmatization. The following insurance companies are some among many that provide high risk insurance.

What Options Do High Risk Car Insurance Companies Offer?

  • State Farm is an insurance provider with presence in the entire country. It is one of the biggest insurance providers with a market share of about 20%. It is one of the very few big players that are keen on high risk insurance. Its auto insurance products are provided via its mutual auto insurance company.
  • Acorn Insurance understands that it doesn’t take much to land in the high-risk drivers category. The firm thus specializes in modelling specialty products for people who are not considered normal drivers. They pride themselves in provide high risk insurance with a finesse they equate to a marriage made in heaven. With over 25 years of dedicated service and an understanding of both private and public car rental systems, the company exudes confidence in working out the best products for high-risk drivers.
  • Acceptance Auto Insurance also understands the predicament of individuals who have been labelled high-risk drivers. They provide basic coverage for everyone including high-risk drivers. This Nashville-based company operates in 12 states including Alabama, South Carolina, and Texas.
  • American Family Mutual Insurance Company, through their subsidiary the General Automobile Insurance Services, is another high risk auto insurance entity. This Nashville headquartered provider is one of the many insurance companies with representation throughout the country.
  • Titan Insurance Company is another nationwide high risk insurance coverage provider. Like other insurance providers in its niche, it believes in providing even for drivers whose records make them undesirable for conventional coverage.

Qualities of a Good High-Risk Auto Insurer

Granted, high risk car insurance is expensive, but the effects of driving without insurance are dire and illegal as well. Driving without insurance is a gamble you do not want to take because just one accident, especially with another uninsured driver, can amount to thousands of dollars in damages, plus you risk losing your license. Choosing the right insurer can make all the difference as far as peace of mind is concerned. Just ensure they have great rates as well as coverage, the best possible customer service, and are convenient.