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Most car owners only care about collision insurance, but there is also theft and fire, and storage insurance. Comprehensive coverage is the second tier after personal liability and property coverage. Comprehensive insurance covers many different kinds of losses ranging from physical damage to your vehicle to compensation when the vehicle is stolen or destroyed in a fire. This insurance policy can be used either as a solitary policy or may be taken in combination with others.

When a Comprehensive Insurance Package Makes the Most Sense

Technically, anyone looking for a compromise of protection that affords some level of insurance without the normal cost will find comprehensive coverage appropriate. You also need it if you do not have collision insurance coverage for your car but want it. The coverage, however, makes the most sense if you have a car you aren’t planning on using for an extended period of time. Your comprehensive car insurance package will protect the car against any form of physical damage during the entire time it is parked.

What Is Comprehensive Coverage in Terms of Damages Covered?

Collision coverage may take care of damages and physical injuries resulting from an accident, but every car owner will expressly tell you this isn’t enough. If you have tried parking within range of enraged or naughty egg-flinging youths, then you most obviously get the drift here. Comprehensive insurance is essential if nature and its related misfortunes wreak havoc on your car. Floods, for instance, can be disastrous when they are done with your car. Winds too can have catastrophic effects when they decide to bring down the tree you’ve parked your vehicle under. The aftermath of all these misfortunes can be recompensed if you have a comprehensive insurance policy.

Comprehensive Coverage and Natural Calamities

Hail can strike at any time and so can torrential flooding. Animal accidents can also cause serious damage to your car. Comprehensive coverage will take care of all these. Actually, one of the most popular comprehensive claims is deer accident. The coverage, however, does not extend to dogs, raccoons, and birds-inflicted damages. If your car suffers the wrath of the giant tree you park it under, insurance can only foot the repair bills if you have comprehensive insurance.

Other common damages that comprehensive coverage takes care of include vandalism and those resulting from fire. Next time your vehicle is keyed or gets its paint eaten away, just know comprehensive auto insurance will give you all the coverage you want. Fire and windshield damages are also fully covered by comprehensive coverage. The coverage given for these two kinds of damages is without regard to the cause. If the fire is engine related or a result of your fidgety co-driver’s actions, or the windshield damage is a result of chipping or cracking, all will be covered. The windshield coverage actually covers all glass damages.